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Updated: 18/04/2012
Cat A: $ 64,201
Cat B: $ 91,000
Cat C: $ 57,589
Cat D: $ 1,924
Cat E: $ 92,010
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Welcome to our new web portal. Sunauto Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore on December, 1997. We are a leading exporter of quality used cars in Singapore to various continents in the world. We have seen our portfolio grow from strength to strength the past few years and are delighted to extend our highest level of service to the local Parallel Import market.

Taking a page from our successful approach in our export business, we have adopted the same tried and proven formula; helping our customers buy better, providing reliable sales service, and cost competitiveness. Such a formula has proven to be effective in customer retention and ensuring a long term steady stream of return business.

For the export market, we source our cars from various countries including Singapore and Japan. Our business philosophy has always been providing reliable long term supply of used cars to our customers. We believe in growing our relationship and forging strong customer satisfaction.

Our new cars are sourced from reliable suppliers overseas. Please feel free to browse through our showroom of cars ready to sell. We spare no effort at keeping the information accurate and up to date. For sales enquiries, we could be reached via our contact info as listed.

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